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Quickstart Sitecore Content Hub

2 October 2022

Sitecore Content Hub comes to save the content creation teams from Content Crisis. But is not Sitecore as a CMS supposed to solve this problem. With this blog post I am trying to showcase Content hub features and how it works with Sitecore XP/ XM to simplify content creation and management workflows.

The Big Picture

Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore, as a CMS has got content workflows to make sure only approved content is delivered through the website. But for digital assets such as images and videos, Sitecore was placed as storage so far. All the planning, budgeting, and publishing content to other applications such as mobile or desktop or any form of application that delivers the same content required additional work to display the latest approved version of digital assets. This process has been managed outside the Sitecore platform.

As you see Content Hub has five main modules to manage the content life cycle. What are these?

Key Components of Content Hub

  • DAM (Digital Assets Management)
    Storage for digital assets with tools for management and distribution
  • MRM (Marketing Resource Management)
    Tool for resource management of a marketing project
  • CMP (Content Marketing Platform)
    Tool for managing content life cycle from planning to publishing
  • PCM (Product Content Management)
    Tool for management of downstream applications utilizing Content Hub
  • W2P (Web-to-Print)
    Tool for automate printable content creation

Add ons to Content Hub

  • Sitecore Experience Edge for Content hub
    Headless services exposed via API endpoints to deliver content from Content Hub at scale
  • Sitecore Connect for Content Hub
    Connector to integrate Sitecore XP (Experience Platform) allowing utilize digital assets from Content Hub within Sitecore XP

Further Learning